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< The Adaptation Compass in the City of Unna
09.12.2014 12:42 Alter: 9 yrs

Communication Campaign “Heavy rain concerns everyone” successful in Unna

Citizens can do a lot to prevent themselves from damage caused by heavy rainfall. Together with efforts of the municipality, the responsible water board and landowners the negative impacts of extreme weather events such as intense rainfall can be minimised. That’s the intent of the communication campaign “strong against heavy rain” which was successfully applied in the German City of Unna. The focus of the campaign was directed to peripheral areas and decentralised adaptation measures for flood prevention such as natural water retention measures and the public information about the effects and options to adapt to climate change.

For one month several posters and billboards visualized the motto „Heavy rain concerns everyone” in order to create personal concern.

The campaign was backed up by an information exhibition in front of the cityhall in Unna, as well as by a website that informed curious citizens what they can do: www.stark-gegen-starkregen.de