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08.05.2012 11:06 Age: 11 yrs

Parking lot becomes a city park

In April 2012 Nijmegen elderman Jan van der Meer opened the park on the Korenmarkt in Nijmegen. This park used to be a warm parking lot and is now transformed in a green and blue oasis. Grass, plants and trees are combined with small fountains and flowing water. There also is place provided for the archaeological remains found below this inner city square.
The transformation is part of the Nijmegen’s programme “Green Allure Inner City” aiming to make the inner city more sustainable by constructing green roofs and green squares. On the roofs of the City Hall three roofs were transformed. The transformation was done together with the citizens who live around the square. During the 8th Working group meeting the Future Cities project partners visited the square and some weeks later the construction was completed.