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International conference


Make them attractive and climate-proof

26th-27th February 2013, Hastings, UK

The FUTURE CITIES partnership celebrated its final conference to share knowledge and look forward.

How can we make our future cities attractive and climate-proof?

  • Adaptation strategies and innovative pilot projects from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain were discussed.
  • Representatives from the EU and national levels discussed about recent adaptation policies and future perspectives of the funding programmes.

The conference took place at a very special conference venue - the Sussex Exchange, which was developed with the support of the international partnership.

Read more in the conference proceedings.


The April 2013 edition of the eg magazine published by the 'Global to local Foundation' featured delegates view points on the conference with comments on the Adaptation Compass and thoughts and impressions from the sessions. We kindly thank Anne Finnane and Fay Blair, editors, 'eg' magazine.

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The conference

... presented practical adaptation measures developed and shared good-pratice.

... provided an insight into ongoing policy dicussions in Europe.

... offered practical insight with a site tour.

... provided a variety of opportunities for networking.