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Photo Gallery - Impressions from the conference


Jeremy Birch, Leader of Hastings Borough Council
Raimund Echterhoff, Board Member Lippeverband
From left: Cllr Jeremy Birch (Hastings), Johan Bogaert (Flemish Ministry of Environment), Ruut Louwers (NWE programme), Birgit Georgi (European Environment Agency), Katharine Knox (Josephine Rowntree Foundation), Tim Reeder (UK Environment Agency), Raimund Echterhoff (Lippeverband), Cllr Alan Roberts (Hastings)
Alexander Ferstl, EU - DG Climate Action
Ruut Louwers, Director Interreg programme NWE
Discussion panel from left: Christiaan Wallet (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment NL), Alexander Ferstl (EU - DG Climate Action), Ruut Louwers (Director Interreg programme NWE), Delphine Gaudart (French Ministry of Sustainable Development), Johan Bogaert (Flemish Ministry of Environment), Peter Heiland (Moderator)