Working Group meeting, Rouen, 19th - 20th September 2012

In Rouen, the working group members focussed on three main issues:

The test phase of the Adaptation Compass has been finished and conclusions were drawn for the finalisation of the tool.

Each working group session included presentations and the discussion of results of project partners followed by a wrap-up and outlook to summarise the achievements of the working groups’ work as well as to notice gaps and ideas to further improve the results.

In a twinning session the participants discussed the opportunities and challenges regarding the creation of a sustainable heating network in an urban project based on the experience of Rouen Seine Aménagement. A site visit of the area in question, “Luciline”, provided good insight in the issues addressed by the twinning event.

The main results are summarised in the report of the Working Group Meeting which is available for download.