Working Group meeting Tiel, 10th - 11th March 2010

The 4th Working Group Meeting of Future Cities took place in Maasbommel near Tiel in the Netherlands. For two days the Future Cities project partners and working group members intensely worked on the concrete development of the Future Cities check for climate proof cities - the Future Cities "Adaptation Compass" - and the twinning activities.

All working groups explored the links between their work and how it will inform the "Adaption Compass".

In Working Group 1 the Future Cities Fact Sheets on adaptation measures will be developed in more detail. The results of the transnational twinning activities which are part of Working Group 2 will contribute to the evaluation of adaptation measures. Working Group 3 will provide the evaluation of the investment measures and inform the Future Cities catalogue of adaptation measures. Supporting the structural measures with awareness raising measures is in the focus of Working Group 4.

The Working Group report which is available for download contains the central results of the meeting.