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05.01.2011 10:20 Age: 13 yrs

Future Cities goes for climate neutral print products

The brochure “Future Cities Adaptation Compass” is actually available in all project languages: English, French, Dutch and German. The project partnership has decided to print these brochures in a sustainable way to make a contribution to a climate friendly environment. Therefore the Future Cities brochures carry the ClimatePartner certificate “climate-neutral print product”.


What means "climate-neutral"? 

"Carbon-neutral" refers to products, whose greenhouse gas emissions were calculated and offset through the purchase of emission allowances. Climate neutrality means that the product described as climate-neutral does not change the CO2 balance of the atmosphere. Therefore, climate-neutral means either that the product produces zero emissions, also when it is being used and disposed of (which is rare), or that the resulting greenhouse gas emissions can be saved elsewhere, so that the negative effect is neutralized and a climatic equilibrium is created. 


Get to download the Future Cities brochures here.


More information see www.climatepartner.com