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01.10.2013 14:42 Age: 10 yrs

Future Cities participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Cities 2013

The 10th edition of the world summit ECOCITY was held for the first time in the European Union in the European Green Capital 2013 – Nantes in France, from 25-27 September 2013. ECOCITY 2013 understands itself as “the collective place and moment to build a common culture among sustainable city players, a platform to accelerate the transition on a global scale”.

Future Cities contributed in one session dedicated to financial issues. The application of the “polluter pays” principle to the redevelopment of brownfields was core of the discussion. Incentive solutions of the Future Cities partnership illustrating the “no polluter – no pays principle” to accelerate adaptation to climate change were presented and discussed.

Arab Hoballah, representative of the United Nation Environment Programme Executive Director reminded the participants of the need to consolidate one major outcome of Rio+20, emphasizing the driving role of cities in promoting sustainable development. The outcome of the ECOCITY Conference will be presented during the United Cities and Local Governments Congress in Rabat (1-5 October 2013).

Further information under http://www.ecocity-2013.com/en