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Events and Meetings

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Project Conferences

date meeting host
26.-27.02.2013 Final Conference Hastings, UK
29.09.2010 Mid-term-Conference Emschergenossenschaft, DE
19.03.2009 Launch Conference in Rouen Rouen Seine Aménagement, F

Project meetings

date meeting host
17.-18.09.2014 PSG, Joint Evaluation Sessions Essen, DE
19.-20.02.2014 PSG, Joint Development Session of Financing / Participation and Visualisation Arnhem, NL
23.-24.10.2013 Task Force meeting Essen, DE
19.-20.09.2012 PSG, WG 1 - 4 Rouen, FR
14.-15.03.2012 PSG, WG 1 - 4 Nijmegen, NL
18.01.2012 Task Force Adaptation Compass Lippeverband, DE
14.-15.09.2011 PSG, WG 1 - 4 West Vlaamse Intercommunale, BE
06.-07.04.2011 PSG, WG 1 - 4 Arnhem, NL
16.02.2011 Task Force Adaptation Compass Lippeverband, DE
29.-30.09.2010 Mid-term-Conference, PSG, WG 1 - 4 Emschergenossenschaft, DE
15.06.2010 Task Force Adaptation Compass Lippeverband, DE
10. -11.03.2010 PSG, WG 1 - 4 Tiel, NL
(22.)23.-24.09. 2009 PSG, WG 1 - 4 Hastings, UK
17.-18.04. 2009 WG 1 Nijmegen, NL
19.-20.03. 2009 Launch Conference, PSG, WG 1, 2 and 4 Rouen Seine Aménagement, F
13.-14.11.2008 Kick-off meeting, PSG, WG 1 - 4 Lippeverband, DE

Project related meetings

date meeting host
07.10.2014 Social Innovation in Coehoorn Arnhem, NL
12.-13.05.2014 Communication on adaptation Nijmegen, NL
02.04.2014 Map Table wvi, BE
20.02.2014 Energetic renovation of existing housing stock Arnhem, NL
16.12.2013 Combine the Adaptation Compass with the Toolkit city climate - "Map table" Essen, DE
29.01.2013 Sic adapt! Final conference Lille, FR
19.09.2012 Twinning "Heating network" Rouen Seine Aménagement, FR
25.-26.06.2012 Sic adapt! 2nd Cluster Expert Board Meeting Brussels, BE
14.03.2012 Twinning "Climate Map" Nijmegen, NL
28.02.2012 Sic adapt! Cross-project exchange on flash floods in urban areas Essen, hosted by Future Cities / Lippeverband, DE
13.09.2011 Study day Climate Adaptation West Vlaamse Intercommuncale, Brugge, Belgium
31.08.-01.09.2011 Twinning "Blue-green corridor" Lippeverband, DE
12.-13.07.2011 Twinning "Green roofs - biodiversity" Rouen Seine Aménagement, FR / Nijmegen, NL
31.05.-01.06.2011 Map Table Hastings, UK
14.04.2011 Knowledge & Networking Day Climate Proof City Arnhem, NL
26.-27.01.2011 Twinning "Heat in the City" Arnhem, NL
06.-07.12.2010 Annual event "Innovation" in Manchester, UK JTS
26.10.2010 National exchange: How do regions prepare for climate change? German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development
26.05.2010 Conference Urban Heat Islands Arnhem, Nijmegen, Tiel, NL
8.-9.10.2009 Annual event "Climate change" in Rotterdam, NL JTS

Topic related meetings

date meeting host
17.12.2013 Enhancing energy efficiency in EU cities - NWE workshop incl. Arnhem / Future Cities activity Brussels, BE
16.12.2013 EU Adaptation Initiative for Cities - consultation workshop incl. Arnhem and Nijmegen Brussels, BE
03.06.2013 Resilient cities European day European Comission, European Environment Agency, ICLEI (Bonn, DE)

PSG = Project Steering Group

WG = Working Group