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Pilot projects & Locations

Creating a green-blue corridor in Kamen

In Kamen (DE), adaptation measures of the Lippeverband combined the ecological improvement of the stream „Heerener Mühlbach“ with the disconnection of storm water of the nearby paved areas: ready to make a significant contribution to weakening the potential impacts of climate change.

Arnhem is getting prepared for climate change

Within the Future Cities project, the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands focused on two aspects of climate change: Adapting the city to extreme weather conditions like heat waves and reducing the CO2-emission to make the city energy-neutral by 2050.

Clean solutions for Bottrop

The water board Emschergenossenschaft (DE), responsible for one of the most densely populated catchment area throughout Europe, improves the mass and energy flow at a wastewater treatment plant and cooperated with the municipality of Bottrop to make two industrial parks climate-proof.

Environment and economy go together in Hastings

The Hastings (UK) project is evidence of the fact that environmental measures to adapt to climate change can comply with economic interests. Even historic buildings can be converted in an eco-friendly way. Partners from the social, the ecological and the economic sector join for the town-wide adaptation strategy.

A wide range of opportunities in Nijmegen

Green structures, water management and energy projects: A wide range of activities resulting from a climate campaign will help the city of Nijmegen (NL) to adapt to climate change and to become energy-neutral by 2045.

Focus on sustainability in Rouen

Wasteland left by its industrial past and port activities is being reclaimed and transformed into a new eco-district within the framework of the Rouen (F) Luciline – Banks of the Seine project. Due to the involvement of the citizens, additional environmental aspects were added, such as uncovering the river Luciline.

Coping with water in the city – the integral approach of Tiel East

The adaptation measures taken in Tiel (NL) are at the same time an opportunity to enhance the city in many ways. As water nuisance is a familiar and complex topic here, the approach chosen had to be very comprehensive as well.

Sustainability from the start for "De Vloei"

Sustainability needs to be incorporated as a standard process in the long term. The West-Vlaamse Intercommuncale together with the city of Ieper (BE) introduced a far-reaching planning process to develop a new sustainable and climate-proof housing quarter.